Environmental & CSR Consulting

“A new era of sustainability is rising and it’s touching every corner of the world. Driven in part by consumers, governments, corporations and the growing visible effects of pollution, sustainability initiatives are becoming more ubiquitous, more aggressive, and more expected.”

Nielsen, 2018

Green marketing and CSR

Sustainability is no longer a ‘gap’ marketing opportunity for large multinational organisations seeking to increase brand reputation. Green marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming the new norm for any business that is serious about competing in the current marketplace.

With 81% of global consumers feeling strongly about working to improve the environment it is time for businesses to dig deeper than ‘token gestures’ and begin to build meaningful relationships between their operations and marketing efforts in a bid to meet their customers’ expectations.

Developing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy or focusing on the positive environmental impacts of your business is a specialist and complex area that requires specialist advise.

With McCormick Communications being the only environmental led communications consultancy in Northern Ireland we have the specialist knowledge, skillset and experience to help your business develop and communicate sustainability and green marketing strategies directly to your audience.

We have developed a unique CSR audit and implementation service for our clients where together, we focus on current operations and activities to developing a relevant and meaningful action plan aimed at helping improve the business’s approach to environmental sustainability and CSR. We then work with our clients to implement and effectively communicating these strategies to the business’ wider stakeholder groups.

Whether you want to plan CSR into your new project, strategise on moving forward or want to effectively communicate your environmental impact to your audience we are here to guide and deliver on your behalf.

Now is a monumental time of change within business, meeting sustainability expectations and for traditional marketing techniques.

Be a leader in your field, take action and get in touch with us today, we will guide and support you every step of the way.

“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.”

Lewis Cass